Internship & Job Search

Whether you’re looking for an internship or a job, searching for your next professional step is an exciting process. Our tips are designed to help you navigate this important step in your career journey.

# Internship & Job Search Overview

Search Questions


Action Plan




# Search Questions

Here are a few questions to ask yourself  before you begin your internship or job search:

  • What kind of tasks would you like to do?
  • Which values are important to you in a job or internship, or in a company?
  • Where would you like to work? What is the local employment landscape and hiring process?
  • Which type of organizations would you like to work for?
  • Which resources and contacts will you use to find your job or internship?


Questions for your internship search

  • What are your goals for the internship? Which skills would you like to develop or learn?
  • What are your long-term career plans? How will your internship help you achieve these?
  • When would you like to do your internship?

# Action Plan

Once you have a better sense of your internship or job preferences, it's action time!

We highly encourage you to make an action plan to organize yourself and to keep track of the steps you need to take to achieve your career goal.


Tips for a Successful Action Plan

  • Start making your plan as early as possible! This way you have more time to prepare yourself. 
  • Write down your top 2-3 internship or job preferences (industry, type of organization, location). Use that to start your internship search and expand if you are stuck.
  • Research industry and country-specific hiring standards early. Some industries (ex: large banks) and countries have early hiring procedures;  others (ex: start-ups) are more flexible. Research visa and work permit requirements, if applicable. 
  • Look at sample job posts from your dream career/industry. Think about the skills listed in the post that you need to strengthen (ex: language, IT) and take courses to strengthen them. 
  • Keep track of deadlines and recruitment events on a calendar. 
  • Update your CV and LinkedIn profile. 
  • Apply early so you have enough time to write your application materials. Make sure you balance applications with other important commitments (classes, exams etc.).

# Networking

About 80% of all positions are found through networking. As a member of the ESCP family you have access to a large network of alumni, partner companies and community members - all of whom are here to guide you on your search.


Networking Resources


  • ESCP alumni
  • Recruitment events, like Recruiting Days and Career Lounges
  • ESCP Career Development Office staff and faculty
  • Family, friends and other personal connections
  • ESCP Berlin community events


When reaching out to a new contact, always write a short, friendly and personalized message asking the person for a brief conversation. Ask them questions about their career path, their job role and their recommendations for your career. Don’t ask directly for a job, that can seem impolite.


# Events

ESCP offers many recruitment and networking events where you can connect with employers, ESCP alumni and community members. 

We highly encourage you to attend as many events as possible and to make the most of them. Visit our Events page and ESCP JobTeaser for a complete list of events. 

Check out these tips for success from ESCP Corporate Partners:



Do you have an internship in Europe? You might be eligible for additional funding through an Erasmus+ grant.

Grants are open to EU and non-EU citizens. Exact details vary based on your programme and internship location.

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Contact the ERASMUS+ Coordinator

# Resources



Your curriculum vitae (CV) is often the first document an employer sees and can open many doors. Our general and Germany-specific CV tips will help you leave a positive impression on employers.

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Cover letters are your platform to tell a potential employer why you are the best fit for their team. They are also crucial in Germany. Learn more general and Germany-specific cover letter tips here.

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ESCP Career Development staff are here to help you figure out next steps. Learn more about advising here.

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