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Berlin is a major global start-up hubs. ESCP Berlin supports start-up founders in every step of their start-up creation with these three major initiatives.

These initiatives are offered in collaboration with the ESCP Blue Factory community, the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship and the ESCP Berlin Career Development Office!


Are you starting an entrepreneurial venture and looking for a support network?

Get access to three evening workshops and a demo day with mentors. Additionally, benefit from exclusive ESCP community events.


- ESCP student, alumnus/a or member of an ESCP partner school

Seed - Exist

Do you have a defined innovative start-up idea that you would like to formalize?

Benefit from a one year salary for founders, discounted services, work space and exclusive access to ESCP community resources.


- Recent graduate (max. 6 months)

- Project launch in Germany

- Company is not yet incorporated


Our  Start-Up Partnerships support established start-ups and their founders, including ESCP alumni.

Join a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, networking events and recruitment platforms, including the Entrepreneurship Festival & Career Lounge.


- Established start-up

- Early or late stage options available

# Project Stories

# Current Start-Up Partners

Areios Capital

AREIOS Capital digitizes investment banking services by enabling European companies and projects to digitally source capital and institutional investors to find attractive investment opportunities.

They connect capital seeking parties, such as corporations, banks, lending fintechs and financial sponsors, via their digital platform with institutional investors active in Europe, such as investments funds, insurance companies and pension funds. They provide state-of-the-art financing and structuring advise and digitally powered fast and efficient access to capital markets as well as attractive investment opportunities for institutional investors



erento is the largest online rental marketplace in Germany. The company considers itself at the forefront of the collaborative consumption movement, also known as the sharing economy.



CARL supports owners of small and medium-sized businesses on the path to a successful business sale. Platform-based technology solutions give their clients easy access to a unique network of buyers. CARL offers tailor-made options to Mittelstand organizations that have long been available only to large corporations. They promise their clients a business transfer with a high probability of success, in which the wishes of the entrepreneur are always in the foreground.



Leapsome wanted to craft a holistic solution that was simple, yet extensive; informative, yet easy to implement.

Their platform enables both managers and employees to be their best with a range of tools for performance management including goal setting, real-time feedback and 360º reviews. Companies use Leapsome to create remarkable environments where employees not only achieve common goals, but learn and grow together and build authentic relationships.



The Choco platform connects restaurants and suppliers, improving the order process to save time, money and food. But that’s just the start. They're growing fast in France, Germany, Spain and the US, and need the best team to power their climb.


Ninox Company

Ninox is a human-friendly database on the web and as an app for Mac, iPad and iPhone." Ninox lets you: Make smarter databases: create relations, forms & fields that fit your needs. Connect with your team: changes from one device will be immediately published to all other users.


The Rainforest Company

The Rainforest Company is a commercial enterprise, yet it has the claim to act sustainably at all levels. At The Rainforest Company, they have set themselves the goal of using natural products to create an offer for a more conscious and healthier life. In a world that is often characterized by fast-paced lifestyles, they make sure that healthy eating is not a luxury. They want to improve the world with their possibilities - from small to large. With every puree that is processed in this country, they provide the people in the Amazon with a fair and secure income. Their wild harvested açaí berries come from direct trade with small farmers, fresh from Brazil. The rainforest is essential for life on earth and the natural balance is seriously threatened by commercial exploitation and destruction. With their innovative products they therefore contribute to a more sustainable use of the rainforest and invest in the environmental projects "Iniciativa Verde" and "Ipam", which plant trees locally.



Consultport is designed as a harbor where organizations can take on board top-tier, highly experienced consultants and digital experts to advance any project. Their model combines the best features of an automated platform with the human touch of personal account assistance to ensure their clients work with the best possible consultant for their needs. More flexible, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional consulting models, Consultport offers a wide range of expertise and experience levels.


SoniQ Services

For building service providers and their customers, [SQ] ONE is software that digitizes the entire value chain of building services. From order creation through scheduling and service provision to invoicing, [SQ] ONE apps digitally link the entire process and its participants. Unlike traditional software providers, [SQ] ONE's apps combine a combination of simple and intuitive usability, a variety of popular software solutions - such as CRM, ERP, DMS, Work Force Management and IoT - and extreme convenience, as well as mobile availability and low prices.


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