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Berlin is a major global start-up hubs. ESCP Berlin supports start-up founders in every step of their start-up creation with these three major initiatives.

These initiatives are offered in collaboration with the ESCP Blue Factory community, the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship and the ESCP Berlin Career Development Office!


Are you starting an entrepreneurial venture and looking for a support network?

Get access to three evening workshops and a demo day with mentors. Additionally, benefit from exclusive ESCP community events.


- ESCP student, alumnus/a or member of an ESCP partner school

Seed - Exist

Do you have a defined innovative start-up idea that you would like to formalize?

Benefit from a one year salary for founders, discounted services, work space and exclusive access to ESCP community resources.


- Recent graduate (max. 6 months)

- Project launch in Germany

- Company is not yet incorporated


Our  Start-Up Partnerships support established start-ups and their founders, including ESCP alumni.

Join a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, networking events and recruitment platforms, including the Entrepreneurship Festival & Career Lounge.


- Established start-up

- Early or late stage options available

# Project Stories

# ESCP Berlin Start-Up and Scale-Up Partners


2trde has set itself the task of revolutionizing the auction market for used cars. Car dealerships receive a software platform with which B2B dealer auctions can be carried out individually. At the same time, the used cars can be offered on several external auction platforms. Everything through one system.
Customers benefit from the significantly shorter capital commitment, the considerably lower administrative effort and the greater reach thanks to the multichannel auctions. Leasing companies and automobile manufacturers can also benefit from 2trde.



BottleAd Media GmbH is a new digital media platform, which allows its advertising customers to catch an attentive moment of socio-demographic targeted consumers at the point of sale – uniquely positioned within the customer journey. BottleAd’s high-end displays are attached to the reverse vending machines in a wide network of grocery stores, which is continuously growing.


Cooler Future

Cooler Future wants to help people grow their money. But, perhaps even more than that, they want to save the world.
Luckily, they believe that investing — done with carbon reduction in mind — can do both. Cooler Future enables everyone to invest in a sustainable portfolio and fight climate change at the same time. Good for your finances — and the planet.



Lexhub believes that every company should have access to the highest level of legal support - regardless of their financial strength or size. Their mission is to empower companies to resolve their legal concerns intuitively, quickly and cost-effectively and thus accelerate their growth instead of slowing it down. They work with leading law firms and experts to create a software that is the central point of contact for all legal issues in a company.



OptioPay is a financial technology provider specialized in Open Banking for customer-centric, value-add solutions and banking data-based campaigns. The FinAdTech operates an Open Banking platform as a white label solution for companies from various industries. In OptioPay’s ecosystem, popular partners such as Adidas, Amazon, Rewe, Rossmann or Zalando participate next to well-known corporates: DZ Bank, Comdirect Bank, Sparkasse, Deutsche Post or Basler Kantonalbank.



The Productsup P2C platform enables global companies to successfully exert effective control over every aspect of their global product information value chains by aggregating, optimizing, contextualizing, and distributing product content across more than 2,500 marketing and retail channels. Productsup redefines product, brand, and service experiences, delivering control over commerce chaos for our customers, so they win their consumers’ attention.



AiSight develops a product that uses machine learning algorithms to determine the state of a machine in real time, predicts errors and dynamically regulates the machine parameters based on sensor data. The solution consists of both hardware and software components.



CARL supports owners of small and medium-sized businesses on the path to a successful business sale. Platform-based technology solutions give their clients easy access to a unique network of buyers. CARL offers tailor-made options to Mittelstand organizations that have long been available only to large corporations. They promise their clients a business transfer with a high probability of success, in which the wishes of the entrepreneur are always in the foreground.



Dropp delivers their client's products to their customers within 3 hours - sustainably and flexibly - using a network of hyperlocal warehouses and cargo bikes. They integrate with major shop systems and provide many tools to transform post-purchase experiences. They are building a faster, more convenient and sustainable future of how consumers receive their online shop orders.



Leapsome combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews and 360s, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, and 1-on-1 Meetings into one easy to use platform. CEOs and HR / People Operations teams in forward-thinking companies including Spotify, Mercedes-Benz, and Babbel choose Leapsome to enhance their people management processes and help them develop, empower and enable employees.



Ommax is a  leading digital strategy consulting firm that specializes in sustainable digital added value for future-oriented companies, and leading private equity firms.


RIDE! space

RIDE! is a digital platform providing a new standard of collaboration between Satellite Operators Ecosystem and Launch Ecosystem, in a more direct, transparent and reliable way. Satellite Operators, Launch Vehicles and access to space Actors are now empowered to manage the end-to-end launch process by themselves on RIDE! platform. No need for intermediaries, no need for huge amount of paperwork.

Website is the platform solution in the construction industry that connects all stakeholders involved in the project with the construction work. This includes the investor/constructor to the architect, to the craftsman. Project information is exchanged here transparently and without intersections, which ensures greater efficiency in the construction process.



Ankorstore is the #1 marketplace connecting brands and retailers across Europe. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, they are a partner to more than 200,000 retailers, florists, coffee-shops and other concept-stores across Europe - seeking authentic products and brands that e-commerce giants such as Amazon do not offer.



Casana was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic with the belief that every company from start-up to enterprise should have fast and unfettered access to world-class tech talent to realize their critical digital projects. To achieve this, they are building a global community of hand-picked tech freelancers who they source, vet, and match with companies based on their exact project requirements, enabling their clients to build a highly nimble and agile workforce giving them a decisive competitive advantage. Thanks to their ability to deliver innovative, yet simple services, they have already been able to win some of Germany’s fastest-growing startups as their clients.



Inspired by the ancient craft of distillation and the creative Zeitgeist of Berlin, EASIP carefully distils the flavour of the finest botanicals into their bottles – just non-alcoholic. Their non-alcoholic distillates can be used as the base for cocktails and long drinks - enjoy a splash of EASIP with tonic water, ginger ale, or just let your creativity run wild and mix something totally new.



Matera is a PropTech Saas company that allows co-owners to manage their buildings themselves without the services of a professional property manager. With 3,500 buildings, they are the leading digital solution for managing common parts in France. Their smart all-in-one-place solution facilitates transparency and control in the key areas of accounting, budgeting (incl. a bank account!) and annual co-owner assemblies, by automating cumbersome tasks.



OVIAVO is a comprehensive fertility benefits platform that helps employers attract & retain top talent while tackling diversity & inclusion. With OVIAVO, companies can support their employees with fertility and family planning benefits - including consultation, access to clinics, and treatments (i.e. egg freezing or IVF) or adoption - subsidized by the company, but safe and confidential.



Staiy is the first sustainable fashion marketplace merging aesthetics, sustainability and AI-technology in one place. Spotlighting international brands that craft their pieces in a responsible way, Staiy gives sustainable fashion a contemporary platform that reflects the modern consumers. Low environmental impact, ethical production and high personalization allow to discover mindful fashion without compromising on style.


Asamby Consulting

Asamby uses tools from the fields of operational excellence and organizational behaviour to make sure their client's processes are effective and the right people have the right tools to follow them. They work with clients on building a remote high-performance culture and a real organization - regardless of where theirr team is located. They help clients choose the right software tools to enable the collaboration of remote teams, and focus on value generation by implementing documentation and automation of processes.



The Choco platform connects restaurants and suppliers, improving the order process to save time, money and food. But that’s just the start. They're growing fast in France, Germany, Spain and the US, and need the best team to power their climb.



FixFirst is the operating system for circular services. They are a Berlin B2B SaaS startup that wants to accelerate the transformation towards the circular economy. To achieve this, they are digitizing services and processes in the area of ​​repair and maintenance with our software. At the same time, they offer platform services that help customers use their devices for longer. Their vision is a world where equipment is repaired first.



MOWEA is the expert for wind energy and small wind energy, green tech and approval procedures, reliable implementation and maintenance. A company's climate contribution through MOWEA's modular small wind energy solutions makes them self-sufficient and offers energy and cost-efficiency. Thanks to the latest high-tech technology, Mowea's wind systems are efficient, flexible and scalable due to the innovation of modularity.



Expense reports and out-of-pocket purchases just don't work for today's forward-thinking teams. They take power away from employees and make a serious mess for accountants to clear up. Pleo offers smart company cards that enable employees to buy the things they need for work, all while keeping a company's finance team in control of spending. Simplify bookkeeping, eliminate expense reports, revolutionise your business.


Vanilla Steel

Vanilla Steel is the only independent digital platform for the prime & excess steel market in Europe and is based in Berlin. They enable steel suppliers & buyers to match their needs and trade industrial material at fair market price.


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