Company Consultancy Projects

# what is a company consultancy project?

Our Company Consultancy Projects (CCP) put classroom knowledge into practice.

The CCPs  at ESCP Berlin are an opportunity for companies and organisations to receive new solutions by advanced graduate and MBA students.

A CCP allows students to apply their skills and gain insights into various industries and fields within a practical environment.

# your benefits

Your company or organisation benefit from lively exchanges with students, their structured research approach, creativity and fresh mindset. 

Students use Company Consultancy Projects (CCP) to work content-wise with practitioners on real challenges.


From ESCP Berlin

Clients will be accompanied throughout the entire project cycle by the CCP Project Manager.

Students stay in contact with ESCP staff throughout the project and receive advice in client interaction, group dynamics and content-wise questions.



Clients  will get a  student team that will tackle their challenge with creativity and a fresh mindset.

Students  have the chance to bring in their knowledge and own ideas.



For companies and organisations a CCP is a platform on which they can work content-wise with students.

Students  broaden their knowledge through a practical experience.


Research & Approach

Practitioners get the newest insights into academia and higher education from MBA students and graduate students in our Sales, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Food & Beverage and Strategy & Digital Business programmes.

Students can apply their research skills and problem-solving approaches acquired in their classes to an actual challenge.


Recruitment Tool

A CCP is an alternative tool for companies to assess potential employees based on their performance and motivation.

Students hone their skills and have the opportunity to explore professional environments.

# Project Stories

# Our offer

Problem assessment and project refinement together with the CCP Project Manager

A team of 4 - 5 advanced graduate and postgraduate students

Two months project work from our student consultants under the guidance of the CCP Project Manager and Academic Advisors

Support throughout the project cycle from CCP Project Manager

Ready-to-use results and recommendations from students consultants

# next steps

Let us know in which field you are currently looking for support. We will help you in defining your project.


End October

Submission of your project brief


Company pitches, matching & announcement of groups


Part-time stage: project plan, first tasks


Full-time stage: execution of tasks, deliverables

End of Jan

Presentation of final results

# ESCP Berlin Project Support - Academic Advisory

Claudia Müller

Owner and Managing Director at CIM Consulting

ESCP Affiliate Professor since 1999

Key Topics: Intercultural Leadership, Change Management


Susanne Kortendick

Founder & Owner - Kortendick Solutions

ESCP Academic Advisor since 2020

Key Topics: Human Resources, Organization Development, Executive Education


Peter Borchers

Founder and Managing Partner at

ESCP U-School Co-Founder, Visiting Professor & Member of the Executive Committee since 2013

Key Topics: New Digital Business Models, Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship


Uli Huener

Innovation Expert |Startup Mentor | Advisor

ESCP Academic Advisor since 2020

Key Topics: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing, Leadership


Sebastian Fittko

Founding Partner katapult:now |former co-founder of hub:raum and innogy Hub Berlin

ESCP Academic Advisor since 2019

Key Topics: (digital) Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Strategic Thinking, Objectives and Key Results (OKR)


Achim Kuttler

EX HP: Vice President EMEA
DHBW: Lecturer

Key Topics: Marketing, Intercultural Competencies, and Leadership


Alice Gumppenberg

Supply Chain Sustainability and Human Rights Expert at Accenture
ESCP EMBA Graduate 2020, ESCP MBA Board Member and Academic Advisor

Key Topics: Sustainability Strategy and Reporting, Supply Chain Due Diligence, Human Rights


# Sign up

To submit your project idea, reach out to our CCP Project Manager. Together we will assess your current challenges and help you refine your project.


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Project Manager

Company Consultancy Projects

T (+49) 30 32007 174


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