Remote Internships

# Current Situation

Covid-19 makes it challenging for students and organizations to connect and to work together. This especially impacts:

•   Recruitment events

•   Interviews

•   Internships and entry-level positions

Many projects at companies are coming to a halt, since companies are unable to hire new interns or have to cancel internships. At the same time, the great need for highly-qualified future talents remains.

Many students, including all ESCP students, need to complete a mandatory internship to fulfill graduation requirements, and risk delaying their graduation date.


The student will complete the internship and all tasks at home.

The task coordination will take place digitally in these formats:

•   digital check-ins every morning with the intern's supervisor

•   instructions and feedback through email, chat, phone or video conferencing software

•   document sharing through a cloud or VPN

Just like an on-site internship, the internship host must give the intern clear and concrete tasks. It is also important the work results are measurable so the work is comprehensible.

Each organization should examine their own policies on how the legal framework for an online internship differs from those of an on-site internship and of the employees who are currently working from home.  Data secrecy and privacy regulations should be factored into this as well. We have found this isn't a problem in most cases.

# Examples

The start-up world has many remote internships, such as ESCP's start-up partner Ninox in Berlin.

Many business administration areas can be completed virtually.  Examples include:

•   Data processing in various formats

•   Sales, business development (documentation completed via CRM)

•   (Online) Marketing

•   Consulting: analysis, strategies and concepts creation, slide-decks and discussion materials preparation

•   Finance: creation of finance models, pitch books, financial analyses, etc, research

•   Accounting/finance (with access to the corresponding systems)

ESCP recognizes online internships for all of its degree programmes and also offers our Company Consulting Projects as remote projects.


 •   Standard internship agreements with relevant confidentiality agreements, tasks, and digital work regulations.

 •   Technical infrastructure, including internet access, a (mobile) phone and computer

 •   Access to important documents through a cloud and/or VPN

# Resources


ESCP is happy to share your remote internship offers and group projects with our students. This includes posts on our pan-European job platform ESCP JobTeaser and direct mailing to students.

We encourage all organizations and alumni to reach out to us with their offers or for more information. Please reach out to the appropriate contact listed below.

# Your Contact

Michaela Wieandt

Head of Career Development
+49 30 32007-166

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