Executive Education for Companies

# what is executive education?

ESCP’s Executive Education programmes are designed to provide a holistic professional development experience for professionals of all industries and backgrounds. We integrate recent management trends and ESCP’s international and diverse resources into these learning formats.

Our programmes offer a safe learning environment for participants to develop their potential. Participants are encouraged to leave their comfort zone and to take ownership of their own learning and development.

# Our Offer for You



Our innovative learning approach enables your teams to create a lasting impact on  your company and their own way of working.

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ESCP's Open Programmes cover a variety of topics and create interactions with peers from different backgrounds.

Your employees are enabled to become experts in a specific field and generate new ideas to bring into their daily routines.

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ESCP’s Immersion Programmes create unforgettable mutual learning experiences for team members  and students.

Our unique programmes combine cultural insights, inspiration from Berlin’s vibrant start-up scene and high-quality seminars.

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# Testimonials

# Your Benefits

a large network of mentors

a platform with start-ups and large companies

current research  from our faculty

practical tools and academic concepts

internationally accredited classes

# ESCP Berlin Project Support - Academic Advisory

Claudia Müller

Owner and Managing Director at CIM Consulting

ESCP Affiliate Professor since 1999

Key Topics: Intercultural Leadership, Change Management


Susanne Kortendick

Founder & Owner bei Kortendick Solutions

ESCP Affiliate Professor since 2020

Key Topics: Human Resources, Organization Development, Executive Education


Peter Borchers

Founder and Managing Partner at pbo.vc

ESCP U-School Co-Founder, Visiting Professor & Member of the Executive Committee since 2013

Key Topics: New Digital Business Models, Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship


Prof. Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund

Professor for Corporate Sustainability & Chair for Corporate Sustainability at ESCP

ESCP Professor since 2019

Key Topics: Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Business Models and Innovation


Simon Steiner

Entrepreneurial Consultant | Innovation Strategist | Executive Trainer

ESCP Academic Advisor since 2018

Key Topics: Entrepreneurship, Agile Methods & Approaches (Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Lean Start-Up and Effectuation), Digital Transformation Processes


# Your Executive Education Team in Berlin

Jürgen Koch

Manager Executive Education


+49 30 32007-217

Claudia Kelz

Manager Executive Education

+49 30 32007-106

Arne Klinger

Senior Project Manager Executive Education

+49 30 32007-177

# Your International Executive Education Team in Europe

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