Executive Education for Professionals

# what is executive education?

ESCP’s Executive Education programmes are designed to provide a holistic professional development experience for professionals of all industries and backgrounds. We integrate recent management trends and ESCP’s international and diverse resources into these learning formats.

Our programmes offer a safe learning environment for participants to develop their potential. Participants are encouraged to leave their comfort zone and to take ownership of their own learning and development.

# Our Open Programmes for you

Online Programmes


Times of crisis and their aftermath call for strong leaders! Develop your own strengths and the critical leadership skills needed to support yourself, your team and your business during these difficult times.


Driving Digital Transformation

Our cutting-edge programme combines best practices of digital transformation with concrete action plans developed by ESCP’s internationally-recognized scenario-based planning method.

Gain the power to act in times of technological transformation. Become the driver of digitalization in your own company.

Women in Leadership


This seminar allows you to reflect on unique challenges you and your female colleagues may encounter in a predominantly male work environment. 

Learn how to build your own leadership presence and impact, and how to develop your communication and negotiation skills.

Designing New Work 


This interactive programme gives you a clear understanding of what New Work means. You will discover methods and tools, and how to implement them in your company.

Use these skills  to shape your organization’s  work environment.

LGBT + Leadership


This is a highly innovative and unique programme tailored specifically to the needs of LGBT+ talents.

You want to turn your LGBT+ identity into a personal leadership strength and become the driver of diversity & inclusion in your organization? Would you like to join an international network of LGBT+ Leaders and Allies?




Our  groundbreaking programme is specifically designed for German family businesses and Mittelstand companies, who want to secure their future with sustainable innovation.

Do you want to understand your own identity  and  develop concrete steps for a future-proof transformation in your company?




This programme is created together with experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Drive innovation in your organisation as part of our unique entrepreneurial acceleration programme.




Do you want to gain expertise in a special field?

Our Open Programmes offer training sessions in a variety of subjects. They combine ground-breaking expertise with networking and a strong professional community.


# Testimonials

# Your Benefits

a large network of mentors

a platform with start-ups and large companies

current research  from our faculty

practical tools and academic concepts

internationally accredited classes

# ESCP Berlin Project Support - Academic Advisory

Claudia Müller

Owner and Managing Director at CIM Consulting

ESCP Affiliate Professor since 1999

Key Topics: Intercultural Leadership, Change Management


Susanne Kortendick

Founder & Owner bei Kortendick Solutions

ESCP Affiliate Professor since 2020

Key Topics: Human Resources, Organization Development, Executive Education


Peter Borchers

Founder and Managing Partner at pbo.vc

ESCP U-School Co-Founder, Visiting Professor & Member of the Executive Committee since 2013

Key Topics: New Digital Business Models, Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship


Prof. Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund

Professor for Corporate Sustainability & Chair for Corporate Sustainability at ESCP

ESCP Professor since 2019

Key Topics: Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Business Models and Innovation


Simon Steiner

Entrepreneurial Consultant | Innovation Strategist | Executive Trainer

ESCP Academic Advisor since 2018

Key Topics: Entrepreneurship, Agile Methods & Approaches (Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Lean Start-Up and Effectuation), Digital Transformation Processes




Uli Huener

Innovation Expert |Startup Mentor | Advisor

ESCP Academic Advisor since 2020

Key Topics: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing, Leadership


Sebastian Fittko

Founding Partner katapult:now |former co-founder of hub:raum and innogy Hub Berlin

ESCP Academic Advisor since 2019

Key Topics: (digital) Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Strategic Thinking, Objectives and Key Results (OKR)


# Your Executive Education Team in Berlin

Jürgen Koch

Manager Executive Education


+49 30 32007-217

Claudia Kelz

Manager Executive Education

+49 30 32007-106

Arne Klinger

Senior Project Manager Executive Education

+49 30 32007-177

# Your International Executive Education Team in Europe

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