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# What are Open Programmes?

We are convinced that the managers of tomorrow must be entrepreneurial, digital and interculturally effective. Our Open Programmes reflect this - with international, English-language formats as well as German-language offerings designed specifically for German medium-sized companies.

All programmes offer a safe and agile learning space. Participants join a community of like-minded peers who are passionate about personal development and who want to actively shape their organization’s work environment .


# Our Offer for you

Decision Making


This 90 minute, fully digital, On-Demand-Programme combines over a decade of research and consulting experience into a unique, self paced learning experience.

Join ESCP's Masterclass and become a master in decision making!


Driving Digital Transformation

Our cutting-edge programme combines best practices of digital transformation with concrete action plans developed by ESCPs own internationally-recognized method of scenario-based planning.

You want to equip your managers with the skills and strategies to integrate digital technologies in your company? Sustain your competitive advantage in the future?

Women in Leadership


This seminar allows women to reflect on all challenges they encounter in a work environment with mainly male counterparts.

It focuses on building female leadership presence and impact and on developing communication and negotiation skills.

Designing New Work 


In this interactive programme your managers will get a clear understanding of what New Work means.

They will discover methods and tools and how to implement those in your company. They will learn to shape the working environment of their organizations.


LGBT + Leadership


A highly innovative and unique program tailored specifically to the needs of LGBT+ talents in your organisation!

You want to support your LGBT+ high potential employees? Contribute to build a more inclusive work environment? You believe, like us, in the power of diversity and inclusion for more business success?




Our  groundbreaking programme is specifically designed for family businesses and Mittelstand companies, who want to secure their future with sustainable innovation movements.

Do you want your managers to use your corporate culture and identity to  create sustainable innovation movements and thus secure the future of your company?




This programme is created together with experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

It helps talented managers to drive innovation in their organisation.


All Intl.


Do you want your managers to gain expertise in a special field?

Our Open Programmes offer trainings in a diversity of subjects. They combine ground-breaking expertise with networking and a long-standing network.


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Decision Making & Driving Digital Transformation
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Women in Leadership
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Designing New Work & Webinars

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