Conference on Sustainable Innovation - 2018

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In January 2016, the Agenda 2030, signed by all 193 Member States of the United Nations, came into action. The Agenda considers all dimensions of sustainability - social, environmental and economic. It commits to 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which governments, civil society and industry aim to achieve together in the coming 15 years.

In 2017 ESCP Berlin launched its first conference focused on the Agenda 2030. We feel that education, especially for future business leaders, is key to achieving these Global Goals. At the conference ESCP Master in Management students worked together with dedicated professionals from corporations, institutions, and civil societies to come up with creative solutions for  global challenges. These challenges include climate, water and food crises, poverty, conflict and inequality.

Our 2018 conference connects future business leaders with representatives from the government, corporate and civil society sectors to come up with ideas and business innovations. Our goal is for our students to see how they can make an impact and to help the world achieve the UN SDGs.

# Conference Participants

We welcome stakeholders from the Political/Government, Business, and Civil Society spheres to work together on the Agenda 2030. Over 1,5 days we will share and discuss challenges from our unique perspectives. This will help us learn from each other, to expand our networks, and to develop new collaboration strategies.

Join us to share your projects and to generate new ideas in workshops and discussions. We encourage you to also contribute to a workshop or to participate in the workshop jury.

Key figures:
  • 350+ ESCP students
  • ESCP faculty members from various disciplines
  • Students and faculty members from other universities
  • 80+ experts from the corporate, political and NGO worlds

# Locations



Pariser Platz (live stream here)

January 11



Heubnerweg 8 - 10

January 12

# Testimonials

# Experts & Sponsors 2018

We are grateful for the following sponsors and their experts who participated in the conference. Thank you for making this one of the biggest sustainability-related career conferences in Europe.

# Agenda

The aim of the 1,5 day conference is to introduce the SDGs and the Agenda 2030 as a framework for managers and entrepreneurs to transform existing business models and to come up with future-oriented business opportunities. Students experience the dimensions of the SDGs, reflect together with professionals for the different sectors, and come up with ideas to empower a precise goal in an existing business.

Day 1

Introduction - Understanding the SDGs

13:15 Group picture in front of the Brandenburg Gate
13:30 Registration
14:00 Welcome - Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplan, Rector ESCP Europe Berlin
 Keynote - Agenda 2030: Key challenges of implementation of the SDGs– Dr. Ingolf Dietrich,   Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation & Development
14:20 The global challenges we face – Keynote Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert, President DNR
14:35Why should universities & students engage in the SDGs?
 Panel discussion: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplan, Dr. Ingolf Dietrich, Prof. Dr. Kai Niebert
15:00 Business models with impact: pitching Sessions with Kiron, Mobisol, UNEP, SirPlus & LemonAid
16:00 Interactive Break
16:45 How can business contribute to deliver a sustainable world
Impuls: Hubertus Drinkuth- Managing Director Systain Consulting
17:00How to scale and accelerate systematic change with the SDGs
Panel discussion: Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund, ESCP Europe -  Dr. Philipp Steinberg, BMWi - Caroline  Masabo, GIZ - Hubertus Drinkuth, Systain Consulting
17:45 Invitation to change – Johannes Heidenrich, Plant for the Planet
18:00 Get-together
  Moderation: Andrea Thilo

Day 2

Deep Dive – Group work on a specific goal

9:00 Welcome & Registration
9:30 Workshop Session I: Tackling problems
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Workshop Session II: Finding Solutions
15:30 Coffee Break
16:30 Preparing the Pitch Session
17:30 Finish & Expert Get together

# Workshop Sessions 2018

Bio-economy and Sustainability

Moderator: Stan Muraczewski



Wouter Moekotte (BeO Bottle), Martin Clemesha (Braskem), Kristy-Barbara Lange (European Bioplastics)

Workshop Description

Industry, innovation, infrastructure : What are the top 3 best innovations in the bio-economy today? Pick 1 and write a strategy to make it become public mainstream. Responsible consumption and production : What are the pros and cons of bio-plastics? Give 3 precise solutions to tackle the negative impacts in the experts' perimeter. Climate action : How can the bio-economy help to fight climate change? According to your findings, prepare a pitch to convince business angels to invest in the bio-economy industry.

Sustainable Development Goal 1

Moderator: Deniz Turkcu



Karolina Baltulyte (UNICEF Berlin International Team), Volker Klima (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)), Alexander Piutti (Serial entrepreneur)

Workshop Description

Karolina Baltulyte works in video production and media fields and is also a volunteer at The International Team UNICEF Berlin. Volker Klima  is a rural development specialist with more than 10 years’ experience working and conducting research in Latin America/Caribbean and Asia for the German government and international NGOs.

Sustainable Development Goal 2

Moderator: Yvonne Löwenstein & Valentine D'Hoffschmidt


Elia Carceller (SlowFood), Claire Gusko (INFARM), Sebastian Stricker and Victoria Leonhardt (Share The Meal)

Workshop Description

Elia Carceller is the Youth Academy Coordinator at SlowFood. Claire is the Growth Manager at INFARM, working with teams across the company to identify and facilitate strategic growth initiatives. Sebastian Stricker (Founder), Victoria Leonhardt (Operations Manager).

Sustainable Development Goal 3

Moderator: Thomas Erichsen


Carolin Kleiner (YUSE), Radostina Netsova (UNICEF Berlin International Team), Stefan Wilhelm (Bayer Foundation)

Workshop Description

In her last job Carolin did Business Development for an innovative social project, which she’s now going to found as her own company, YUSE. Radostina Netsova is a Social Psychologist, PhD Researcher in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy, Volunteer for UNICEF Berlin International Team.

Sustainable Development Goal 4

Moderator: Anya Chodosh


Franziska Bormann (Kiron), Gunda-Alexandra Detmers (UNICEF), Clemens Mulokozi (Jambo Bukoba)

Workshop Description

Clemens Mulokozi, founder of the association Jambo Bukoba e.V. that empowers children in Tanzania through Sports.

Sustainable Development Goal 5

Moderator: Theresa Gerdes


Jessica Fröhlich & Isabelle Hoyer (PANDA), Olaf Radant (BearingPoint), Dr. Julia Schimeta (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth), Monika Schulz-Strelow & Elisabeth Kern (FidAR e.V.)

Workshop Description

Dr. Olaf Radant works as a Manager for the consulting company BearingPoint in the areas of strategy-, organizational development and business transformation. His research interests include demographic change, HR-Strategies and organizational development. Dr. Julia Schimeta is the Advisor European and international gender equality policy at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Monika Schulz-Strelow is President of FidAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V. In 2006 with a group of highly motivated women, Monika Schulz-Strelow founded FidAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte e.V. (Women in boards) which is a non-partisan initiative, campaigning for an increase of female board members in Germany.

Sustainable Development Goal 6

Moderator: Julia Kühl


Christiane Albrecht (Brot für die Welt), Abdurasul Kayumov (BORDA), Miriam Melcher (P&G)

Workshop Description

Christiane Albrecht (M.A.) was working for six years in the international media development & training at Deutsche Welle Akademie. Currently she is in charge of the educational work about the global responsibility at Bred for the world in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Sustainable Development Goal 7

Moderator: Gabriele Caruso



Thomas Duveau (Mobilsol), Nico Fettes (Carbon Disclosure Project), Thomas Liesch (Allianz), Florian Lüdeke-Freund (ESCP Europe)

Workshop Description

Thomas Duveau is Chief Strategy Officer at Mobisol, a solar home system company that has brought electricity to more than 500.000 people living in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, thereby effectively contributing to reaching SDG7.

Sustainable Development Goal 8

Moderator: Melanie Keita


Paul Bethke (LemonAid & ChariTea), Elizabeth Falmagne (On Purpose), Thomas Rolf (GIZ)


Sustainable Development Goal 9

Moderator: Dev


Emmanuel Cacheux (Bombardier), Alexander Holst & Julia Kroschewski (Accenture Strategy, Sustainability & Trust), Albert Kreisel & Max Becker (Urban Lab), Jannis Sutor (Volkswagen AG)

Workshop Description

Alexander Holst is Managing Director for Accenture Strategy and leads the Sustainability and Trust Practice in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Julia Kroschewski is a strategy consultant at Accenture Strategy Sustainability & Trust and supported the developement of the handbook “How companies can improve their impact on the Sustainable Development Goals and Harness the Power of Digitalization”

Sustainable Development Goal 10

Moderator: Solen de Kervasdoué


Alexander Schmid (Bearing Point), Julia Epp (WZB), Pascal Bock (Volkswagen AG)

Workshop Description

The purpose of the workshop is that futures managers gain some knowledge about sustainable transportation and to make them rethink about their practices and that of organizations with regard to mobility. First, an overview of the subject and its importance for sustainable development will be given, and each experts will introduce themselves and their role within the mobility sector. Then, we will start the design thinking process, in which students will be asked to participate to didactic games and answer questions, in order to develop solutions together with experts, regarding a specific topic in sustainable mobility.

Sustainable Development Goal 11

Moderator: Judith Exl


Mario Dziamski (Deutsche Bahn), Olga Horn (ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability), Thomas Kraubitz (BuroHappold)

Sustainable Development Goal 12

Moderator: Clara Camesasca


Garette Clark (UNEP), Mari Nishimura (UN), Malte Rose (Swash Village)

Workshop Description

Garrette Clark leads UN Environment's activities to support a shift to sustainable lifestyles and education. Building on evidence, she coordinates methodologies and messaging on what are sustainable lifestyles and how to promote them. Malte Rose, Assistant Programme Coordinator (HR) for the "SWASH Village” programme of the sustainable development grassroots NGO EduCARE India. SWASH Village is an NGO initiative undertaking small scale applied research and community based sustainable solutions for sanitation and waste management in rural India.

Sustainable Development Goal 13

Moderator: Robin Vroom



Klaus Hagedorn (2degree Investing Initiative), David Oehmen (UNFCCC), Marc Watine (PwC)

Workshop Description

Klaus works for the international think-tank 2° Investing Initiative as an analyst and project manager with expertise in renewable technologies, energy data and IT development. David Oehmen studied Media Management as well as Politics and Economics in Cologne, Bochum and Rennes and worked as a TV journalist before joining UN Climate Change, where he now leads the digital strategies and innovation workstream of the organization's Climate Change Adaptation programme. Marc Watine is Senior Consultant in PwC’s Infrastructure Advisory practice. His current consultancy projects include the development, implementation and evaluation of plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy and transportation sectors.

Sustainable Development Goal 14

Moderator: Leon Philippi


Markus Höfels (Noventiz), Christoph Schulz (CareElite)

Workshop Description

With 50 years, 3 children and living in Cologne Markus Höfels has several positions in the Food- and Recycling area. He founded the Noventiz-Group in 2006 and is the CEO and Speaker of the board. Christoph Schulz is a Social Entrepreneur and Environmentalist from Berlin. He founded his automated Online Business CareElite to fight against plastic garbage in the environment and to change consumer behavior.

Sustainable Development Goal 15

Moderator: Camilla Gori


Raphael Fellmer (SirPlus), Maximilian Mueller (International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)), Sascha Rieth (BioCompany)

Workshop Description

Raphael is tackling food waste since 2009, he lived 5 years without using money to raise awareness for 1/3 of all food that is wasted globally. He is Co-founder and CEO of SirPlus, a surplus online shop & supermarket in Berlin.

Sustainable Development Goal 16

Moderator: Nathanael Dagane


Steffen Kunaht (PwC), Angela McClellan (Transparency International)

Workshop Description

Ms. McClellan is a senior expert on anti-corruption and anti-bribery issues in business. She is currently leading global advocacy and communication of Transparency International’s Business Integrity team.

Sustainable Development Goal 17

Moderator: Marie Fillion



Axel Bachmann (Coca Cola European Partners), Prof. Dr. Silke Bustamante (HWR Berlin)


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